Give Up Control

Have you ever worked on something over and over and feel like it just isn’t working out how it’s supposed to or how you envision it? Take a step back from it and ask yourself – Have I given this to God? Am I in control of this or is He? If the answer is Read More

Who am I really

I saw this picture this morning and I can’t help but to think how true this is! Over the last few years I have come to realize that I become who others say I should be or what they think I’d be good at and allow that to consume me. Then I’m set up for Read More


I like to hide…. If things don’t happen perfectly how I envisioned then I just ignore it and hide from it. BUT I’ve learned it’s not about me. >>>It’s about JESUS<<< No one else. We are called to bear with one another (Galatians 6:2) in LOVE. Building each other up, teaching, and even calling each Read More

Tomorrow is a New Day

I get told this a lot – “Tomorrow is a new day” – I also repeat it to myself all the time.  Even as I write this post.  (I started this post over a week ago…sigh…) Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn’t. In the given moment when you feel like a failure at whatever Read More

Keto Ranch Dressing

I wanted to quickly share with you our favorite homemade Keto Ranch Dressing so far! I found THIS recipe on the Low Carb Yum blog and tried it – it was yummy!  But we wanted a little more flavors so here is my modified version! Keto Ranch Dressing: 3/4 cup mayonnaise (at this time I Read More

Keto Granola

One major struggle I was having with this Keto diet/lifestyle is that I began to miss “crunchy” things.  Pork rinds kinda helped but not really.  Then I found this bag of granola from Amazon!  It’s amazing!  The kids even love it which helps in transitioning them to Keto too! It is called ProGranola – Vanilla Read More

Beginning Keto

Have you ever been defeated about your weight, self-image, confidence, or energy level? Well I have.  LOTS.  So first off ~ YOU are NOT alone. I’ve tried “diet” after “diet” product after product quit my favorite foods only to not see any change….. it’s exhausting…..and can be very lonely   Over the last few years I Read More

Be Blessed

Happy Sunday! Know that I am praying for each and every one of you. We are all going through something BUT knowing that GOD is right there holding us through it brings comfort to keep going. I encourage you today to lean into GOD and give Him whatever you are going through and allow Him Read More

why openhearted momma

***Ok so I am very nervous about beginning this blog but also super excited about it! So here we go!*** This blog has been on my heart for a while now but never took the steps to begin it.  I always overthink things and talk myself out of them for fear of failing. The past Read More

Hello world!

Hello World! Welcome to Openhearted Momma!  Thanks for visiting 🙂 I am excited to begin this journey into the blogging world and sharing my heart, passions, and life tips with you! I hope to get the full site up and going very soon so please check back soon for more!   Read More