What’s not to love about bacon!

Eating this Ketogenic way means that we can eat BACON! It’s High Fat, moderate protein, and 0 carb!!

We love to bake ours too- it makes it melt in your mouth! 350 degrees until it is done to your liking.  We usually put it in while its preheating too.  I didn’t used to like baking it until I got this pan! The rack makes it so easy – all the excess grease drips down into the pan and the rack is dishwasher safe! We also line the pan with foil for easy cleanup.

Our favorite Bacon is from Zaycon Fresh. We order it in bulk in advance and on pickup day we drive up to the truck and they put it in the car for me! It’s so easy! Each 36lb frozen case contains twelve 3lb frozen packages, with 14-16 slices per lb.  I love that it is already frozen to lock in the freshness.  Check it out hereto see if they deliver in your area! They are always running specials too. (UPDATE: zaycon is no longer open)

I’ll post more later about all the other things we get from Zaycon but I couldn’t wait anymore to post about BACON!

Edit:  Here is an image of the pan I use to bake the bacon on.  It is soooo nice!  We line the pan with foil and set the rack on the foil.  The rack is dishwasher safe so cleanup is a BREEZE!


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