Beginning Keto

Have you ever been defeated about your weight, self-image, confidence, or energy level?

Well I have.  LOTS.  So first off ~ YOU are NOT alone.

I’ve tried

“diet” after “diet”

product after product

quit my favorite foods

only to not see any change….. it’s exhausting…..and can be very lonely


Over the last few years I saw my weight reach numbers I never thought I would see.  In turn it caused depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and so much more.  I tried lots of different things only to see the number rise.  When we moved I left the scale intentionally in the box.  I didn’t want to face it.  I didn’t want to think about it.  But after a while I knew something needed to change, not only for myself but also for my family.

A little over 2 months ago my husband and I began to convert our eating habits to follow the Ketogenic Lifestyle.  Some call it the Keto Diet, but I didn’t want to think of it as just another “diet”.  WE knew it needed to become a lifestyle.  In the beginning it wasn’t easy for this Dr. Pepper and Chocolate lover!!  BUT after a few days it got easier!  In some of the next few posts I hope to share some of the recipes and meals that helped make the transition so much easier.   But for this post I want to focus on the positives of this change.

When we began I joined so many facebook groups and scoured the web for tips and tricks and information.  BRAIN OVERLOAD!!  haha! I needed to simplify.  I am not a food tracker, although I probably should start, but in the beginning it was all about just avoiding SUGAR and only having minimal CARBS.  I saw a quick 5 lb loss right away but as many women know, that can happen in a given week or month, “water weight” as everyone calls it.  I wasn’t getting my hopes up.  The entire first month was a roller coaster on the scale.  Weekends were hard, I cheated on food and in turn saw a gain.  Week 5 FINALLY began showing progress, not like I’ve seen posted in the groups or like my husband, but for me it was progress.

I am finally ready to say that I am down 15 lbs from when I began!!  THIS IS HUGE!!  I haven’t seen this number since May of 2016!!!

There are days I want to give up because it is happening so SLOW but I have to remind myself that it has taken a long time to get here.  My body is healing.  I’m not sure what it is healing from but I know that it is.  I am looking forward to seeing where this 3rd month takes me.

Before I wrap this up, I know its been long – thanks for sticking with me, I want to share with you some of the products that have made my transition so much easier!


I used to have a big Costco size bag of chocolate chips in my freezer so that I could go by anytime and grab a handful.  I knew that was killing all the good things I had been doing and went looking for an alternative.  That’s when I found KNOW BETTER Chocolate Chips!  They saved me!  I was able to cut the regular chocolate chips and now have an alternative when my chocolate craving is high.
The company also offers LOTS of other food alternatives that maybe one day I will try!
You can get 10% off your order by checking them out here: Know Better Foods


My coffee consumption has increased quite a bit as I quit Dr. Pepper.  I love it with just some Heavy Whipping Cream.  It helps keep me fuller and energized.  ‘Keto Coffee’ or ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ is also yummy.  When we make bulletproof coffee we use MCT oil and grass-fed butter for the FAT and add in a little Cacao powder and flavored stevia drops!  I will post links to some of our favorites below.  We mix them together with our immersion blender and it makes it like a latte!  YUM!  I honestly don’t even crave Dr. Pepper anymore!!


If you have read to here – THANK YOU!  I hope this helps someone else who is out there struggling like me.  I am not ready to tell you that its super easy, or fast, BUT I overall feel better and that is the most important part.  Check back hopefully within a week for some great recipes and other tips as we continue our Keto journey.  If you are considering Keto please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need support.  We all need others who are on the same journey.  Together we can do this.


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