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Give Up Control

Have you ever worked on something over and over and feel like it just isn’t working out how it’s supposed to or how you envision it? Take a step back from it and ask yourself – Have I given this to God? Am I in control of this or is He? If the answer is Read More

Who am I really

I saw this picture this morning and I can’t help but to think how true this is! Over the last few years I have come to realize that I become who others say I should be or what they think I’d be good at and allow that to consume me. Then I’m set up for Read More


I like to hide…. If things don’t happen perfectly how I envisioned then I just ignore it and hide from it. BUT I’ve learned it’s not about me. >>>It’s about JESUS<<< No one else. We are called to bear with one another (Galatians 6:2) in LOVE. Building each other up, teaching, and even calling each Read More

Hello world!

Hello World! Welcome to Openhearted Momma!  Thanks for visiting 🙂 I am excited to begin this journey into the blogging world and sharing my heart, passions, and life tips with you! I hope to get the full site up and going very soon so please check back soon for more!   Read More