Tomorrow is a New Day

I get told this a lot – “Tomorrow is a new day” – I also repeat it to myself all the time.  Even as I write this post.  (I started this post over a week ago…sigh…)

Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn’t.

In the given moment when you feel like a failure at whatever task you are attacking at the time is usually when it is said.

It is definitely easier said than done, but God is right there behind you to be there for you.  I have to remind myself of that too.  HE has made us a NEW CREATION each day.  God knows what we are going through, we just have to be willing to hand over that failure to HIM so that we can be made new.

I love the verses below.  He is our guide.  We may not know the why of our current season, but God does!  Once we hand it COMPLETELY to Him we have to step back and REST in HIS arms while HE carries us through it.  I am still learning how to do this.  It’s definitely not easy.  WE as humans love to keep control over our own situations and try to do it on our own.

Know you are not alone in whatever you are going through.  We are here to pray for one another and encourage one another to turn it all to our Heavenly Father.  To whoever may be reading this – know that I love you and am praying for YOU.  Tomorrow is a new day – give it to God and allow Him to make you NEW!

*verse images courtesy of the YouVersion Bible App

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