why openhearted momma

***Ok so I am very nervous about beginning this blog but also super excited about it! So here we go!***

This blog has been on my heart for a while now but never took the steps to begin it.  I always overthink things and talk myself out of them for fear of failing.

The past few weeks God has really brought it back to the surface and I felt a strong conviction to begin it no matter if it succeeds or fails.  HE has a plan for it and I know that I am called to follow His calling.

I spent a few days praying over the name and searching out definitions and synonyms to soooo many different words, my brain was spinning.  Then one morning I felt the need to search Open and Giving in the Thesaurus and it lead me to the word OPENHEARTED.

Vocabulary.com defines the word Openhearted as:

1. showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity;

2. freely communicative; candidly straightforward

It fulfills everything I dream of being.  I want to be here in an open and honest way, encouraging others, and sharing life with them.  And thats how Openhearted Momma Blog got it’s name.  I have no idea the direction this blog will go long term but I hope it reaches the people that it needs to.

I’d love to hear from you!  What would you want to see/read?  What do you wish someone would just layout for you?


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